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Jason Tallent | Lead Pastor

Jason and his wife Micah were married in 1996. They have five children, Olivia, Ethan, Olexis, Evan, and Olissa. Jason was born in Little Rock, Arkansas and began pastoring in 1998.  He has pastored churches in Arkansas and Tennessee.  On their fifteenth wedding anniversary in 2011, Jason and Micah traveled to the Northeast where they fell in love with New England.  After much prayer, and the direction of wise counsel, they responded to God’s call and determined to plant their lives in Boston and see the Kingdom of God expand. Jason and his family moved to Winthrop, MA in November 2017 to begin a new church that serves and loves the people of Winthrop, and strives to make the name of Jesus known for generations to come.

Beth Tallent | Missions/Events Leader

Beth and her husband Ethan got married in 2022, and she has been on staff with us since the spring of 2021. She is currently finishing up her degrees in Christian Ministries and Social Work at Gordon College. Having grown up in Winthrop, Beth has loved seeing the way that the Lord is using HCC to share the gospel in her hometown. Beth and Ethan are passionate about serving God and serving people, and strive to share the love of Christ with those around them.

Jason Smith | Worship Leader

Jason and his wife Joanna moved to Winthrop in the Spring of 2020 from Cedarville, Ohio were they both went to college and earned their degrees in Worship (2019) and Social Work (2020) respectively. While Jason led worship at a church in Ohio and as Joanna finished her senior year at Cedarville University, they began to feel the call back to New England and started to pray specifically about the Boston area. The Lord quickly directed them towards Winthrop and after a quick visit, they decided to make the move and be a part of this church. They have a passion for not only the local church, but for making the community around them look more like the Kingdom of God whether it's through the way we Worship or the way we care for those in our communities.

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